Detox - Cleanse, Purify, Relax, Nourish.

In today's busy, often stressful environment, it is very easy to live an unhealthy lifestyle. Meeting the needs of employers, family and friends means we often end up struggling to fit everything into our hectic lives.
No wonder then that many of us feel tired, drained and unhealthy for much of the time. So what can be done? The Detox discusses the different ways you can improve your physical, mental and emotional health in order to meet the ever-growing demands on your time with renewed vitality - and a smile!
With practical, entertaining and most of all common-sense advice on eating habits, relaxation techniques, exercise and other ways to make you look and feel better, The Detox is an essential guide to a healthy and happy life.

What is Detox
- What is Detox?
- Elements of detox
- Getting started
- Food intolerance
- The detox foodstuffs
Mind and body in balance
- Mind and body in balance
- The daily detox journal
- Time isn't money
- Time to breathe
- Let the energy flow
- Qi gong
- Tai chi
- Yoga
- Relaxation
- Massage
- A treat for feet
- Affirmations
- Letting go
Things you need
- Things you need
- The detox foodstuffs
Body beautiful
- Body beautiful
- Dry skin brushing
- Exfoliating
- Bathing
- Epsom salts bathing
- Further treatments
- Exercise
Your detox programme

- Your detox programme
- Recipes

Detox - 清潔、淨化、放鬆、滋養。



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