Hey guys,

Hi, George.

It has been a long time from our last gathering.

Long time no see.

Dont you feel tired of routine daily life?

Everyday is a miracle.

Dont you like to check girls with pretty face, long leg, nice bottom and

shaking their young body in front of you?

Yes, I would. George, you are a good girl-chaser/ female-hunter indeed.

Dont you wanna get out of real life and become an animal?

Dont be an animal in the mountain. Its dangerous.

If you do, I know you all do, join us this Friday night,

Lets go!

Its 10:00PM in CAMMI.

Take me then, George.

Wonderful. joyful hours is waiting for all of you guys.

Viva, Its great.

p.s. The situation in CAMMI is all you can drink now. $500 each person

But George cannot drink TOO MUCH!


Good boy, George.

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