Ultimately, the greatest success of a house is that we can live comfortably and unselfconsciously.


Our home is an extension of ourselves, expressing our interests and beliefs even when we are absent.


Time and space – time to be alone, space to move about – may become the scarcities of tomorrow.


Expend what space you have by thinking positively about it.


How you want to live is more important than style conventions.


Monochrome schemes and restrained decoration induce easeful harmony.


Keep the accessories of daily life within view, to be appreciated and used.

Let the form of an object be what it may : light, shade, perspective will always make it beautiful.

While natural light is vital for life, shade and shadows bring repose.

Let artificial light be subtle rather than uniform in intensity.

Good lighting is absolutely essential for both safety and comfort.

Bring hither the pink and purple columbine, with gillyflowers, cowslips, kingcups, and loved lilies.

Use the colour wheel and consider the conventions, if you wish, but be prepared to disregard them too.

People hesitate before using red, but to disregard it is to miss the cheer and energy it brings to a room.

Blues and whites are perfect together. Consider willow-patterned china or the freshness of homespun gingham checks.

Every room benefits from a touch of yellow to bring out its flavour, just as salt does with food.

Two primary colours are mixed in equal parts to make the secondaries: orange, green, and violet.

Easy on the eye and soothing too, green is a valuable colour in any room where close work is done.

Traditionally, violet denotes “ the love of truth … the truth of love”.

White encompasses myriad tones, from eggshell to powdery stucco, bone, and bleached canvas.

A spot of white instantly softens and civilizes black into grey.

Maintain a visual link with the outside world, for a sense of colour is learned from the landscape.

The cool kindliness of sheets, that soon smooth away trouble; and the rough male kiss of blankets.

The first tactile sensation of the new day may be feeling the floor under your feet.

Fundamental to the idea of shelter, walls are a backdrop to the decorative scheme of a room.

Consider the shape and texture as well as the comfort of each piece.

There are no rules except to trust your intuition and choose patterns that make you feel good.

Clear the air! Clean the sky! Wash the wind! Take stone from stone and wash them.

(Thomas Stearns Eliot)

Draw fresh air into the house, and let stale polluted air escape.

Scents make gentle reference to our intimate past, and are an appealing way to personalize a room.

Low humidity can be the cause of tiresome respiratory ailments.

I shall always remember those quiet nights. To us, the essence of comfort was quietness. (Laura Ashley)

Hard floors have appeal, but can be unforgiving.

Clap hands to dissipate and clear the air of negative vibrations.

Take care to find some place in your home for the most welcome pastime of doing nothing at all.

Add thoughtful touches, such as posies of garden flowers, to make your guests feel really at home.

Home-made bread, pickles, and good cheese, eaten beside a cosy stove, are lovelier than any feast.

Crisply laundered linen with the sweetness of flowers is an invitation to sleep late.

Bathing outside is a modest way to free yourself from convention and the restrictions of daily life.

The tyranny of work becomes a pleasurable restraint when work is done in the comfort of home.

Wherever you go, the reassuring glow of lighted candles will work wonders to dispel old ghosts.

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