Dear Friends,

I've just pick out parts of my life pictures in July, 2006. Taking pictures and doing outdoor exercises make me grow up day by day. I'd like to share the pictures with you, and each one is possessed of a story needless to say to me. There're only pictures, and no descriptions. The "Top of July" in "Life 2006" is placed on my Life Gallery, and you can access it through the URL, 

" ."

As time goes by, people are sculptured by the years in face, body, mind and spirit. Photography is a means to record our growth and it's also an art that everybody can get into easily. Everybody is an R&D of happiness, he could receive and deliver good things instead of reject and delete good ones. Life is a one way trip, everyone is born naked and dead stark. We could record the beauty of lives by some means, such as pictures, voices, films, writing, artifacts and even any kind of art. Don’t let the life die empty, take a camera, snapshoot the lives, and share them with family and friends.

If you have some pictures, music, films, articles and any other media carrying the beauty of life, I expect that you can share them with me. Thank you very much.

TGIF! Enjoy the weekend.

Yours Sincerely,

Xinyi Jiang/ 江欣益

January 26, 2007.

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